Crossbite – Learn About Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

A crossbite is referred to as a misalignment of your teeth or a tooth, where one or more of them are positioned irregularly. They are near to the tongue or cheek area than their ideal position. Crossbite prevents your jaws to close properly, thereby making it tough to eat as well as speak. Besides physical effects, this condition can have psychological effects that can even lower the confidence of a person. Understanding the symptoms, causes and treatment for this problem would be in effective eradication of this problem.

What would happen if crossbite is not treated on time?

When cross bite is not treated on time, then it leads to an improper development of the jaw. This will eventually result in building one side of the jaw. Such type of improper growth of jaws impact the overall facial structure of a person. Failing to get it cured soon, can adversely influence not just the aesthetics and smile but also result in risky dental complexities.

Symptoms that lead to crossbite

A person who is suffering from crossbite would see below mentioned symptoms.

  • The 2 rows of teeth do not touch each other
  • Biting on the tongue and the inner cheek quite often at the time of eating or speaking
  • Having a lisp and not able to speak properly
  • Pain in single tooth or several teeth
  • Pain in the entire jaw
  • Severe pain in head

Impact of Crossbite

There are several complications that a crossbite can cause to a person. These include:

  • Severe Headaches: This is the commonest problem linked with crossbites. It occurs in both kids and adults. Improper alignment of the jaws, stresses joints and jaw muscles that are connected to nerves that signal to the brain. This leads to headache.
  • Tooth Decay: It is tough to brush improperly aligned teeth because of their position and shape. Incorrect brushing and flossing results in tooth decay.
  • Painful Bites: Crossbite makes it tough to enjoy some of the hard fruits and can cause pain while chewing them.

Ways to treat crossbites

Crossbite is one such condition that when ignored can make your dental health worse. To save yourself from the discomfort and pain associated with it, it is important to get yourself checked by an experienced dentist as early as possible. There are several trusted, effective and affordable treatment options available to treat your condition effectively. Some of the measures to get relief from this condition are:

  • Tooth Extraction: If there is only one tooth that is improper aligned because of overcrowding, then tooth extraction is the simplest way to treat this issue.
  • Braces: Braces are another proven and effective way to correct this condition. Though braces work slowly, they are proven to be impactful.


Crossbite is an ailment that can get severe when not treated at the right time. So, it is better to understand its signs and causes and take necessary preventive measures to heal it at the earliest. Above information will help you to a great extent to identify this ailment and get rid of it effectively.

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