Effect of L-Lysine Supplements on Muscle Building And Exercise

Lysine is the essential amino acid. It means that human body can’t produce enough of L-Lysine and the important amino acid should be obtained from the dietary intake. For many years, lysine is considered in treatment of cold sores and herpes, and very recently, is attracting attention as the possible addition to fast growing muscle-building nutrients.

How is it so useful?

L-Lysine is one essential building block for protein in your body. L lysine benefits muscle building and plays an important role in the calcium absorption; recovering from the surgery and sports injuries; building muscle protein; and body’s creation of hormones, antibodies and enzymes. Lysine seems to help your body to absorb as well as conserve calcium. L-Lysine has a lot of functions in your body as it’s incorporated in many proteins that are been used by your body for various purposes. Lysine also interferes with the replication of the herpes viruses and thus is prescribed by the doctors to the people with genital herpes or cold sores. A review of the research trials investigating the effects of lysine on people with cold sores shows that most, though not all, trials support the use of lysine.

building muscle protein with lysine

Are we having enough of l lysine?

Brewer’s yeast, dairy, legumes, meat and fish all have good amounts of lysine present in it. It is very important to understand both l lysine benefits and side effects before taking it in quantity. Most of the people, including vegans, consume enough amounts of lysine. The athletes who are involved in the frequent exercise have the increased need for the essential amino acids. An average adult needs around .85 g of l lysine per day. People who regularly exercise can benefit from taking around 1g to 3g of l lysine every day.

Muscle Synthesis

L-Lysine can also be found in a lot in the skeletal muscle. This plays a very important role in maintenance and building of the skeletal muscle tissue. The low lysine levels are linked to the slowdown of the protein synthesis. The protein synthesis is important in helping the body to rebuild your muscle after the rigorous workout. Lysine will help to rebuild the muscle tissue, by helping in recovery process after the workout.

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