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Factors Affecting CT Scan Price

For decades, x-ray machines have been used for medical imaging purposes. However, these devices do not usually produce digital images, which can be enhanced to improve the quality of the image. X-ray machines usually project the image of the internal organs of an individual onto the x-ray film, which is then read by a physician. CT scanners also use x-rays, but they produce images that can be magnified or enhanced in one way or another to improve the quality of the image. While the cost of a CT scan may be higher than the cost of the average x-ray, the image produced by the scanner can help doctors to make accurate diagnosis. That said, it is important to note that there are many factors affecting CT scan price. They include;

i) Facility

The medical facility you want to visit charges a different price for CT scans than other facilities. Obviously, private facilities charge the highest prices because they are for profit. Public hospitals and mission hospitals usually charge affordable prices for these scans. When preparing to visit a medical facility, to have a medical issue checked, therefore, you should know that the facility you visit will affect the cost of getting a CT scan.

ii) Mode of Payment

If you are paying cash for the imaging service, the price will be reasonable. If you will be paying with your insurance, the cost will be higher. This is because everybody appreciates cash. Insurers usually take time to pay claims, so medical facilities usually charge a higher price as compensation for the wait.

iii) Type of Patient

The price paid by patients who are admitted to an inpatient facility is different from the price that outpatients normally pay for medical imaging services. If you are getting treated at a facility that does not have a CT scanner, you will pay a higher price if you go to a different facility for CT scanning purposes.

Knowing the factors affecting the cost of imaging services is crucial when you are looking for affordable medical services. Therefore, you should keep these factors in mind during the decision-making process. Ideally, you should consider comparing the prices quoted by different medical facilities to identify the most affordable one. Public and mission hospitals should always be given priority consideration because they are not for profit, so their rates are likely to be much more affordable.

If you have health insurance, you will not need to worry about prices as the insurance company will cover the cost of the imaging service. If you are paying cash, however, you need to do some research.

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