Medical insurance for students studying in the United States

When using medical insurance in the United States, students should pay attention to the location of the medical treatment, which often becomes a controversial place for insurance payment. American university sets health center or small-sized clinic, in tuitions also is attached commonly healthy charge, when you have a minor illness, insurance company often ask policy-holder sees a doctor inside the school first. Therefore, sick or injured should first go to the school health center, the treatment is usually free, but you have to spend money if you buy medicine. If the illness is complicated or serious, the school health center will make an appointment or recommend a doctor for you.

International students are generally short of money and pay the most attention to the insurance premium. The insured not only look at whether the insurance premium is low, but also depends on whether the insurance plan can meet your needs. Otherwise, once you get treatment, you may find that cheap insurance doesn’t cover your needs. However, there are many companies of health insurance in the United States (also known as 美国医疗保险), and international students can find affordable international student insurance (also known as 留学生保险) as long as they work hard.

At present, most Chinese students participate in some medical insurance plans for foreign students. Immigration lawyers (also known as 移民律师) also remind everyone that these insurance plans have low insurance premiums, high compensation payments, limited restrictions, and strong pertinence. They are very suitable for Chinese students, such as Huhu insurance (also known as 虎虎保险), which is a very good choice. American universities that do not force students buying insurance of their schools will also recommend Chinese students to buy such medical insurance.

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