What One Must Do When the Massage Starts Hurting?

All of us have had a bad massage experience at some point in life. We cannot solely blame the therapist for it, in fact, sometimes we make the mistake of not speaking up.

It is observed that many individuals keep quiet during massage and don’t inform the therapist about their discomfort thinking – the therapist is a professional and they know what they are doing. Well, every therapist has their own way of giving a massage. Some put very less pressure, whereas some are intense. Now, what should you do, if the massage is hurting?

The answer is simple – you let the therapist know about it. If you are confused whether to talk to the therapist about it, or what to say, keep on reading. Telling the city spa therapist that the massage is painful isn’t offending. However, you must know how to say it the right way…

Letting the therapist know that the massage is hurting:

Good and experienced massage therapists can read your body language and can understand the soreness you are feeling in muscles. However, they cannot read your mind. So, it is important that you inform them about your discomforts. If the pressure is too much for you, just politely say – could you please use a little less pressure?

If the pressure is good, but the therapist has gotten to a painful spot, simply tell – please avoid that area, something is hurting me there. Every individual is different, so you have to convey your expectations and concerns clearly.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that there is good pain and bad pain. If you are having a massage for the first time, there are chances that you will face some odd pain, but it will be just temporary. At times, the therapist has to press a little harder to relieve a muscular pain. You will initially feel the pain, but you will surely feel much better afterwards.

How frequently do you get a massage?

The reason why you feel the pain even depends on the number of massages you get a year. There are individuals who get 2 massages a month and there are some who get 2 to 4 massages a year.

A massage is more successful and effective if you get it regularly. Your muscles will gradually learn to relax to touch and your body will respond positively. Just a few massages a year isn’t sufficient to relax muscle tension.

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